Graduate Education Benefits North Carolina

Graduate Education in North Carolina

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NCCGS Mission and Vision


The North Carolina Council for Graduate Schools advocates for graduate education across the state of North Carolina, fostering economic and societal growth and helping to ensure graduate students experience transformative opportunities in the classroom, through research, and in engagement within their discipline. We articulate the needs of graduate education with internal and external stakeholders, including influencing public opinion to advance graduate education for the betterment of the students, faculty, staff, and administrators, the citizens of North Carolina, and the global community.


Approved by the NCCGS Board on March 9, 2023

Fast Facts:
North Carolina Council of Graduate Schools Background Information

  • The North Carolina Council of Graduate Schools includes 22 campuses and offers more than 800 master's, doctoral and first professional degree programs in a wide variety of fields, including degrees in high-need areas such as education, social work, engineering, nursing, biomedical and pharmaceutical fields, among others.
  • Master's, doctorate, and first professional programs within the North Carolina Council of Graduate Schools enroll more than 56,000 students.
  • Academic institutions within the North Carolina Council of Graduate schools award more than 15,000 master's, doctorate, and first professional degrees annually.

Statistical Abstract of Higher Education in North Carolina 2007-2008